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Outdoor Single Color LED Display-P16mm

Product Details:

Outdoor single color display uses single red or green LED as display apparatus to show single red or green color.Can show simple words and pictures.It is fit in with entire outdoor environment.

Technical Parameters

Type HTS0-1600
Pixel Diameter 12mm
Space between Pixels 16mm
Pixel Contents 1red or 2 red
Pixel Density 3906 spot /m 2
Color Red
Unit Board Dimension 1024mm×768mm
Unit Pixel 16 spot×8 spot
Brightness 3000CD/ m 2
Visual Angle ±40o
Working Temperature -20oC~~+ 80oC
Volt 220V ± 10%
Maximum Power 500W/ m 2
Average Power 350W/ m 2
Display Speed 120 frame / s
Radiation Pipes Life-span