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Outdoor Full Color LED Display-P31.25H

Product Details:

Outdoor Full Color Display uses the red, green,  blue full-color pixel as radiation apparatus to revert the nature color. It adopts the advanced independent visual controller as its control system, optical fiber to transmit controlling signal independent case structure. It is the most advanced outdo led planar display at present.

Technical Parameters

Model: P31.25 virtual pixel
Item: HTFO-3125V
LED Type DIP546
Pitch size: 31.25mm(virtual 15.625mm)
Pixel Density: 1024dots/SQM
Pixel Contents: 4R2G2B
LED Data: Red:?d(620-630nm) IV:(550-650 mcd)
Green:?d(520-525nm) IV:(2500-3100 mcd)
Blue:?d(465-470nm) IV:(650-750 mcd)
Maximum Power: 600W/SQM
Average Power: 300 W/SQM
Brightness: 6000 CD/SQM
Refresh Rate 480HZ
Life Time 100000 Hours
Working Temperature -20°~+80°
Working Voltage AC 220V/110V
Vistual Angle: 110/55 degree
Best View Distance: 32-250 meters
Protection: IP 65
Module size: 250mm*250mm
Resolution / Module: 8*8=64
Total Module/ Cabinet: 16
Cabinet size: 1000mm*1000mm
Resolution/ Cabinet: 32*32
Weight/Cabinet 70kg
Control Mode Static
gray scale 1024 Level
MTTF 6000 Hours

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