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LED display existing problems and development in China 2017-03-09
First, lack of technological innovation capacity, the overall level of innovation needs to improve the industry. Mainly in the high technological content of new products and lead the market development of the backbone of the lack of
LED display market competition 2017-03-09
In the past for a long time the application of LED mainly in the LED display, traffic lights, small backlight. LED lighting should now be part of the general lighting, that can be commercial, can also enter the family.
Full color LED display quality judgment standard 2017-03-09
1.Smoothness LED display surface roughness to within ± 1mm to ensure that the display image does not occur distorted, local highlights or recession will lead to LED display viewing angle of the dead angle
Analysis of Heat Dissipation of LED Display 2017-03-09
LED display why can be widely used, my summary is the following: 1. Extensibility: LCD screen to do the bigger, the higher the production line equipment investment. The LED display size is very easy to increase, just like building blocks. Resolution is also convenient to achieve according to user needs.
LED display four performance indicators 2017-03-09
The important performance of the "maximum brightness" does not give a clear characteristic requirement. Because the use of LED display environment vary widely, the illumination (that is, the average person said the brightness of the environment) is not the same, so, for most of the complex products
Shanghai Bank customized Zheda Huatai LED display 2017-03-09
​Bank of Shanghai in Hangzhou, Zheda Huatai Technology Co., Ltd. ordered a LED outdoor display, model for the semi-outdoor single red P10, the size of 15 square feet, has been successful in the month and began to use.
Ping An Securities customized Zheda Huatai LED display 2017-03-09
Hangzhou Ping An Securities in Hangzhou, Zheda Huatai Technology Co., Ltd. ordered a LED display, model P10 outdoor single red LED display, an area of 12 square, has been successful in the month and began to use.
Zheda Huatai - Hangzhou LED display leader 2017-03-09
Hangzhou Zheda Huatai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 200 years. The company's main business for LED display and energy-efficient lighting product development, production and sales, product applications are vast
The new voice of business 2017-03-09
Just about everyone connected to electronic billboards are benefiting with outstanding results ranging from LED sign manufacturers(who can’t make them fast enoiugh) to outdoor billboard operators(who are building outdoor digital display neworks in premium locations as quickly as possible).
LED lighting useful information 2017-03-09
LED (Light Emitting Diode). There are two types of LED lighting; Mains voltage and Low voltage, both of which operate on DC voltage via converters, either in the lamp itself or in the Driver.Mains voltage LED lamps are simple and can be used to replace a conventional light source, when they both have the same lamp holder requirements. (The most popular change is using a GU10 LED in a GU10 fitting. Here you will be substituting LED for a Halogen light source, so the level of illumination will be much lower).

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